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Adam B Yanke, MD
Associate Professor Rush University

Dr. Adam B. Yanke is a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon with an interest in advanced arthroscopy, shoulder replacement, and a special focus on patellofemoral dysfunction and cartilage restoration. Dr. Yanke earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University, Oxford, OH, with majors in engineering physics and zoology and a minor in non-linear mathematics. After obtaining his medical degree from Rush Medical College (Chicago, IL), Dr. Yanke continued on at Rush for his Orthopedic Surgery residency. He followed this by attending the Sports Medicine Fellowship at Rush University, where he was trained in advanced joint arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty, and cartilage restoration techniques.

Throughout his orthopedic training, Dr. Yanke completed a Ph.D. in the department of Biochemistry. Finishing his training in 2014, this work has resulted in a new method for analyzing cartilage activity with comparisons between normal, aged, and damaged cartilage. Through a collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry, Dr. Yanke continues to perform both basic science and clinical research in an effort to develop bench-top techniques that will translate directly to improved patient care. Having the combination of the clinical and basic science background allows for bridging the gap between these two fields. He has accomplished this through writing over 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters along with presenting over 150 abstracts at national and international meetings. Dr. Yanke is a member of numerous professional societies including the International Cartilage Repair Society, a candidate member of the International Patellofemoral Study Group, and he was selected by the American Orthopaedic Association as an Emerging Leader.

Dr. Yanke's motivation to perform both clinical and basic science research has always been to deliver the most advanced patient care possible. This includes being involved in clinical trials that utilize stem cell injections for arthritis. He also believes that the cornerstones of good orthopedic care are proper indications and understanding that non-operative measures are commonly the most appropriate treatment. Having been All-State in lacrosse, Dr. Yanke is familiar with the stress that is associated with athletic injuries and that a given ailment is not treated in isolation. Currently, Dr. Yanke continues his involvement with sports though participating in team coverage ranging from high school to professional teams. Teams covered include the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, DePaul Blue Demons, Chicago Riot and Chicago Force. No matter what the diagnosis, proper treatment hinges on taking into account the anatomic problem, not in isolation, but within the framework of the patient's life. Through working with and educating patients, Dr. Yanke believes a healthy surgeon-patient relationship is mandatory in order to arrive at the proper course of treatment.


  • Bachelor of Science – Miami University, Oxford, OH
  • Medical Degree – RUSH Medical College, Chicago, IL
  • Orthopaedic Residency - RUSH Medical College, Chicago, IL
  • Sports Medicine Fellowship - RUSH Medical College, Chicago, IL
  • PhD Biochemistry – RUSH University Graduate College, Chicago, IL


  1. Pi Mu Epsilon Inductee (2001)
  2. Joseph A. Culler Award in Physics Recipient (2002)
  3. Certificate of Achievement in Research in the Department of Physics (2002)
  4. Arnold P. Gold Foundation – Humanism Honor Society Inductee (2008)
  5. Best Research Project – Undergraduate Resident Award Recipient, 24th Annual Rush University Thesis Day (2012)
  6. AOA-OREF Resident Leadership Forum Selectee  (2012)
  7. Best Research Project – Chief Resident Award Recipient, 25th Annual Rush University Thesis Day (2013)
  8. Best Research Project – Orthopedic Fellow Award Recipient, 26th Annual Rush University Thesis Day (2014)
  9. AAOS Distinguished Volunteer Service Award: Award Winning Multimedia Presentation: All-Arthroscopic Patch Augmentation of A Massive Rotator Cuff Tear (2014)
  10. AANA Research Grant Recipient ($12,500) Glenoid Bone Loss: Three Dimensional MRI versus CT Reconstructions (2014)
  11. Second Place Medical Student Research Award- Sigma Xi Research Forum (2015)
  12. YSOS Star Paper Award – International Cartilage Repair Society World Congress: Effect of Leukocyte Concentration on the Efficacy of Platelet-Rich-Plasma in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis. (2015)
  13. OREF Resident Clinician Scientist Training Award (PI Charlie Hannon, $19,000) The Influence of Amniotic Membrane and BMAC on Osteoarthritis (2016)
  14. AANA Research Grant Recipient ($15,000) Sequential Sectioning of the Bundles of the Medial Patellofemoral Ligament (2018)
  15. AANA Patellofemoral Anatomy Research Excellence Award: Isolated Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Repair vs. Reconstruction: Rates and Risk Factors for Instability Recurrence in a Young, Active Population (2018)
  16. Grainger Pilot Study Funding Grant ($10,000) Development of Patient-Specific Patellofemoral Finite Element Models (2018)
  17. AAOS Distinguished Volunteer Service Award: Award Winning Multimedia Presentation (2020)
  18. AANA Richard J. O’Conner MD Award: Biologic Augmentation with Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (2021)
  19. AAOS Honors Orthopaedic Video Theater Plus Award (2022)


American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS)